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The city of Hong Kong was first established as a British Colony after the First Opium War and handed over to the peoples Republic of China in July 1997. Hong Kong is where east meets west with the fusion of Chinese and British culture creating a metropolitan alpha city.Travelling to the city of Hong Kong you will see most notably the statue of Bruce Lee on the avenue of stars.It is also famous for Cantopop music which is the pop version of Chinese music. There is also Hong Kong Disneyland where you can take a magical adventure and the famous lady market consisting of a kilometre of street market with clothing and accessories and souvenoirs.Hong Kong is located on the opposite side of the Perl River Delta and surrounded by the south China sea on the east, south and west. At least 40% of Hong Kong consists of country parks and natural reserves with only 25% of the land area developed.The highest elevation in Hong Kong is Tai Mo Shan which 3140 feet above sea level. Hong Kong boast a geopark consisting of eight geo areas across Sai Kung.

Hong Kong's population is just over 7 million with 93 percent are of Chinese decent.The official language is Chinese and English. The total area of Hong Kong is 1,100 suare kilometres consisting of Hong Kong island , the Kwoloon peninsula , the new territories and 235 outlying islands.


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